Our team has worked in different European countries, gaining experiences, knowledge and in-depth understanding of tourist’s desires. Those experiences are our solid ground on which we implement our creativity and understanding for guest’s needs.


Presenting our country and its beauties to our guests is our pride. That’s why we always do it with enthusiasm, trying to hand it over to all of you, enjoying our services.


There is no adventure like our own: exploring possibilities in tourism, always presenting new ideas, new services, prepared for different needs, expectations and personalities. That is our variety that makes us looking out-of-the box for our customers.


We respect diversity. The diversity of customer’s expectations, needs, wishes. For that reason, flexibility is a must to make the customer happy. There is no fixed offer, no fixed package, only our views that can be modified according to your wishes.


Well, you will feel it from the moment you enter our office to the moment you leave the car, van, minibus, happier for unforgettable, passionate experience.

Company details:

Sombrero travel j.d.o.o., putnička agencija
Bokeljska 29, 20000 Dubrovnik
Alen Avdic – voditelj poslovnice, Organizator izleta

Telefon: +385993407100

MBS 060294881
OIB 10476637871


Alen Avdić, jedini član uprave/direktor
IOB 11723092169

Bokeljska 29, 20000 Dubrovnik

Nadzor je Državni inšpektorat.


Sukladno članku 6. stavak 3. zakona o pružanju usluga u turizmu ("Narodne novine" br. 130/17) pisne prigovore na naše usluge možete podnijeti u na mjestu pruženja usluga. O primitku Vašeg prigovora bez odgađanja ćemo Vas izvijestiti.

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Sombrero travel j.d.o.o., putnička agencija. Bokeljska 29, 20000 Dubrovnik. Alen Avdic – voditelj poslovnice, Organizator izleta
info@sombrero-travel.com, Telefon: +385993407100. MBS 060294881, OIB 10476637871. OSOBE OVLAŠTENE ZA ZASTUPANJE: Alen Avdić, jedini član uprave/direktor. IOB 11723092169, Bokeljska 29, 20000 Dubrovnik. Nadzor je Državni inšpektorat.